Artist's In Paradise Gallery
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Tom Avery  -  Shipwright artisan, Painting, Wooden and Oddities art.
VeEtta Baldwin -  Watercolor, Pastel Scratchboard and pen & ink.
Mary Blackman - Watercolors
Coffin, Donna
Paula Cooper - Fused Glass
Weldon G. Corney, CSM-RET - Traditional artist, Craftsman, Scrimshaw Carver
Carol Cox - Acrylics
Maritza Crese
Terri Dallao - Stained Glass
Robert D'Antonio -  Sculpture in Steel.
Susann D'Antonio - Gourd art
Beti Duke - Photography
Joanne Dvorak -  Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, Monotypes, Pencil.
Valerie Fecher - Photography
Nancy Gagliardini -  Acrylics, Oils, Pencil,  Mixed Media.
Lori Garreau - Beaded jewelry
Gary Griffen - Stained Glass
Connie Hauk -  Watercolors, Collage, Etchings & Stained Glass.
Nancy Henning - Acrylics
Joanne Jarzombeck - fabric art
Tania Keller
Dale Malone -  Watercolors & Cards
Nancy Ostroff
August Powers -  Sculpture in Copper, Steel & Bronze.
Connie Powers - Master Recycler
Joan Purcell - Pottery & Oils
BJ Royster
Anne Schroeder - Feather Artist
Paul W. Shetrompf - Fine Carvings in Acrylic
Joanne Sloan  - Acrylic
Gale Upmal  - Batik watercolor on rice paper
Joan Walters - Fabric Chickens - "Keys style"
Mally Weaver - Acrylic & Watercolor Paintings
Mark Weeter - Underwater & Keys Photography
Gabrielle Wilson - Acrylics
Jane Witmer - Pottery
Kim Workman - Gyotaku - Janpanese Fish Prints


Artists In Paradise Gallery
221 Key Deer Blvd.
Big Pine Key, Florida 33043
(305) 872-1828